Cal Fire firefighters use a hose to douse hot spots during a backfire operation to head off the Rocky Fire on August 3, 2015 near Clearlake. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Rocky Fire Evacuees Return Home As Blaze Reaches 50 Percent Containment

Most residents who evacuated during a fierce Northern California wildfire have been allowed to return home as crews reopened two highways that were used as fire breaks.


CLEARLAKE, CA - AUGUST 4:  Firefighters prepare for another day of battling the Rocky fire along Highway 20 in Lake County on August 4, 2015. (Photo by Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Some Rocky Fire Evacuees Find Rubble After Being Allowed To Return Home

Evacuees from a handful of neighborhoods were allowed to return home, and the number could increase in the next 24 hours as firefighting operations wind down.



‘One Big Monster’: Cooler Temperatures Bring Little Relief To Rocky Fire

Thousands of firefighters battling the Rocky Fire were aided by cooler temperatures and higher humidity.


A Cal Fire firefighter is silhouetted by his headlamp as he monitors a backfire while battling the Rocky Fire on August 3, 2015 near Clearlake. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

101 Square Miles Scorched In Week-Old Rocky Fire, 20 Percent Contained

As firefighters and equipment from outside the state poured in to battle the blaze burning 10 miles from Clear Lake, more than 13,000 people were required or urged to leave their homes, vacation cabins and campsites in the latest fire-prone region to find itself under siege.


CLEARLAKE, CA - AUGUST 03:  A DC-10 firefighting aircraft drops fire retardant on a ridge in front of the Rocky Fire on August 3, 2015 near Clearlake, California. Nearly 3,000 firefighters are battling the Rocky Fire that has burned over 60,000 acres has forced the evacuation of 12,000 residents in Lake County. The fire is currently 12 percent contained and has destroyed at least 14 homes. 6,300 homes are threatened by the fast moving  blaze.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

White House Keeping Close Eye On Lower Lake As Rocky Fire Chews Through 65,000 Acres

President Barack Obama is asking his aides to stay in close touch with California’s governor and other local officials as firefighters tackle the Rocky Fire.


CLEARLAKE, CA - AUGUST 02:  Cal Fire firefighters prepare to start a backfire operation ahead of the Rocky Fire on August 2, 2015 near Clearlake, California. Over 1,900 firefighters are battling the Rocky Fire that burned over 22,000 acres since it started on Wednesday afternoon. The fire is currently five percent contained and has destroyed at least 14 homes.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Rocky Fire Explodes To 97 Square Miles; 13,000 Forced From Homes

Cooler, wetter weather helped crews make inroads Monday against a massive wildfire north of San Francisco that tore through two dozen homes, threatened thousands more and forced 12,000 people to flee the flames.


Rocky Fire August 3, 2015 in Clearlake, California. (Getty Images)

13 Photos Show Rocky Fire’s Terrifying Fast-Spreading Rage

The Rocky Fire tripled in size over the weekend to 60,000 acres, generating its own winds that spread the flames at an unprecedented rate.


Cal Fire's Heli-Torch. (Source: Cal Fire)

Cal Fire’s ‘Heli-Torch’ Used To Keep Rocky Fire From Spreading In Rugged Terrain

Cal Fire was using their ‘heli-torch’ to light backfires in terrain so rugged it couldn’t be reached by foot to keep the Rocky Fire from burning a roadway as the blaze burned in three Northern Bay Area counties.



Magnitude 3.2 Earthquake Shakes Clearlake Area Hours After 4.0 Quake Hits Bay Area

A magnitude 3.2 earthquake hit an area near Clearlake Tuesday evening after a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Fremont area earlier in the morning.


City of Clearlake. (CBS)

Town Of Clearlake Takes Center Stage In Emotional Battle Over Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ban

The town of Clearlake in Lake County is now center stage in an emotional legal battle over medical marijuana, and patients say a complete ban on all cultivation is putting lives at risk, and are filing a suit to stop it.