Defend Your Ride

“I listen to ‘50s music.“

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tammy At Vista Point

“My husband found this car on Sunset Blvd. We’ve been driving it ever since.” – Tammy and her Chevrolet 210 Sedan


“It has heated seats.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Bo At The Palace of Fine Arts

“It’s an American luxury.” – Bo and his Cadillac De Ville DHS


“I like the aesthetics of it.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Larry At Fort Point

“Instead of carrying photos of my grandchildren, I carry photos of my cars.” – Larry and his Chevy HHR


"I call it Trixie."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Amanda At The Cliff House

“It’s the little car that could.” – Amanda and her Toyota Matrix


“I actually wanted a grey one but I didn’t want to wait.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Steven At John McLaren Park

“I really like the driving experience. It’s pretty sporty!” – Steven and his BMW 33i Sedan


“Want a Ride?”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Damion At Kelly’s Cove

“It’s the perfect bike for the city.” – Damion and his Harley Davidson FXR


“Don’t throw up!”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dennis At The Presidio

“Don’t throw up! No throwing up.” – Dennis and his Toyota Celica GT


“The navigation system and iPod integration are pathetic.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Brad Visits Lake Tahoe

“My car is down for whatever.” – Brad and his Subaru Impreza WRX


“This year, I’ve gotten three parking tickets and had it towed once.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jen At Ocean Beach

“I feel like my car can get me through anything.” – Jen and her Subaru Outback


“Those gauges are just for show.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Matt At Mission Bay

“I once stole lawnmower parts from my landscaping job to fix this car up.” – Matt and his Replica 1948 MG