Juror Changes Vote In Sonoma County Supervisor Peeking Trial, Deliberations Continue The announcement of a verdict in the peeking trial of Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo was delayed Friday afternoon after a juror changed their mind at the last minute. Deliberations are set to continue.
Reiser Wrongful Death Trial Goes To JuryAn attorney who represents Hans Reiser’s two children asked jurors Monday to order Reiser to pay millions of dollars of damages for depriving them of their mother, Nina Reiser, by murdering her.
Jury Begins Deliberations In Oracle-Google TrialThe federal case in San Francisco centers on Oracle’s allegations that Google’s popular Android software for mobile devices relies on technology stolen from Java. That’s a programming platform that Oracle Corp. acquired in 2010 as part of its $7.3 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems.
Bonds Guilty Of Obstruction; Mistrial On PerjuryThe jury in the Barry Bonds trial found him guilty of obstruction of justice on Wednesday, but the judge declared a mistrial on several perjury charges.
Bonds Jurors Finish 3rd Day Of Delibertations, Still No VerdictEight women and four men closed the door to the jury room Tuesday morning and will again try to reach a verdict on the four charges pending against Bonds.
No Verdict As Bonds Jury Completes Day 2 Of DeliberationsA transcript of the testimony from Barry Bonds’ personal shopper was read back to the jury at the slugger’s perjury trial on Monday.
Bonds Jury Listens Again To Secret Recordings In CaseThe jurors who will decide Barry Bonds' fate filed back into the courtroom with their first questions Friday, and they were ones that had to make prosecutors happy.
Jury Begins Deliberations In Anna Nicole CaseA jury has begun deliberations in the drug conspiracy case against Anna Nicole Smith’s two doctors and her lawyer-boyfriend.
Jury To Resume Deliberations in Mehserle Trial Tuesday
Mehserle Trial Jury Deliberates

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