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El nino

Sea Temperatures

Indications Of A Strong El Nino Kindle Hope For A Wet Year Ahead For California

It’s far from certain, but conditions are pointing toward El Nino conditions next winter and spring — and the possibility of significant rain for the parched West Coast.


Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastline

From Drought, To Drenching? El Niño Likely To Return With Torrential Rain

Warmer ocean temperatures off the California coast–and the massive impact on local and global climate–could be coming again, with predictions indicating an El Niño is possible this year.


A Humboldt squid found on a Santa Cruz County beach. At least several hundred squid washed ashore on December 9, 2012. (CBS)

Hundreds Of Squid Wash Ashore Along Santa Cruz County Beaches

Scientists are investigating why at least several hundred dead squid suddenly washed ashore along the Santa Cruz County coast Sunday afternoon.


Cold & Rain

Bay Area’s Unusually Wet, Cool Spring Not Going Away Yet

June 1st typically has many Bay Area residents headed for the pool, the amusement park or some other outdoor activity where the weather can be enjoyed. Suffice it to say that is not happening this year.