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Doctor On Demand Is Providing Video Based Therapy In San Francisco

A San Francisco-based start-up is changing the way consumers can seek medical advice from a doctor.


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San Francisco Tech Students Have Great Opportunities To Help Local Companies

Eric Chiu has helped HyTrust, the Silicon Valley company he co-founded, become an industry leader in virtualization and cloud security automation and control.


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San Francisco Parents Are Turning To Supplemental Education For Their Children

With a continuing shortage of qualified teachers in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area, many parents are turning to supplemental education for academic success for their children.


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New Survey Reveals Who’s Most Satisfied With Their Jobs

A new survey measuring success of college graduate goes beyond dollars and cents to measure job satisfaction. Jill Schlesinger has more on why the career you pick is just as important as the salary.



Accounting And Tax Prep Firms Expected To Train Thousands Of New Employees This Year

With a busier than normal tax season anticipated this year, accountant and tax firms will be looking to train and hire thousands of new employees to help with the extra work. (1/14/15)


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Prominent San Francisco Exec Says, Opportunities Are Endless In The Tech Industry

Tim Bucher, founder and CEO of Lyve Minds, Inc. previously served in executive position with Apple, Microsoft and Dell


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CEO Predicts Increase In Health IT Services In San Francisco

Dean Stephens is the founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Healthline, a leading provider of consumer health care and health information technology.


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San Francisco Chief People Officer Leverages Her Strengths To Succeed In Business

Divya Ghatak is chief people officer for San Francisco-based GoodData, a leader in end-to-end cloud analytics.


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NorCal JC Penney Stores Survive Nationwide Closure Of Dozens Of Stores, Loss Of 1000s Of Jobs

JC Penney Co. plans to close 33 stores and cut about 2,000 jobs by April.


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Aging Baby Boomer Population Is Providing New Opportunities For Jobs

The retirement of the baby boomers will carve out new job opportunities for a younger demographic. Jill Schlesinger reports.





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