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South Bay’s Best Independent Bookstores for Kids

The independent bookstore has practically gone the way of mix tapes and dial-up in the United States, many having been gobbled up by chains and Internet booksellers. However, in the Bay Area the spirit of independent bookstores lives on. If you’re a book-lover and coming to the South Bay, check out these favorites

CBS San Francisco–07/26/2011

Lesbian Wedding

Census Shows Uptick In California Same-Sex Couples

On the eve of San Francisco’s Pride weekend comes amid new Census figures that include the first detailed tally of gay and lesbian couples in California.


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Despite Efforts, Families Still Leaving San Francisco

Despite efforts by officials to keep families in San Francisco, the percentage of children that make up the city’s population continues to decline.

CBS San Francisco–06/19/2011

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SoCal Organization’s Hotline Offers Resources For Troubled Parents

Parents Anonymous, a Southern California-based organization, has launched the National Parent Hotline, aimed at helping troubled parents cope with life.


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Antioch Group Vows To Make Streets Safer

A group of residents is vowing to take back the streets from criminals in Antioch. The movement was prompted by a feeling that the city is no longer safe for families.


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Best Family Photographers in the South Bay

The Bay Area has no shortage when it comes to talented photographers, especially those who specialize in capturing babies, children, and families. Here are the top picks for family photographers in the South Bay.

CBS San Francisco–01/31/2011

Drop in Bay Area Birthrates Linked to Recession

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KCBS) – The recession could be impacting a lot more than the Bay Area’s unemployment rate. Birthrates are down at local hospitals.