Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrant on Marsh Creek Road.

Drought Turns East Bay City Into Wild, Wild West With Thieves Stealing Precious Water

Clayton is a city remains true to its western roots. In this town, water has become as precious as gold, and thieves are resorting to stealing it.


A fire hydrant.

Metal Thieves Target Fire Hydrants In Cash-Strapped Modesto

It’s believed the thieves are targeting hydrants so they can sell the cast iron scraps to recyclers.


A fire hydrant.

Multiple Fire Hydrants Opened In Contra Costa Cities

More than a dozen fire hydrants were opened in five Contra Costa County cities over roughly a two-hour period, and investigators are looking for the culprits, fire officials said Saturday.

CBS San Francisco–07/17/2011

Chopper 5 Dumbarton bridge, fire, crash,

Fire Chief Calls For Changes On Dumbarton Bridge

There is only one fire hydrant on the Dumbarton Bridge, a fact that is not lost on one local fire chief.