Best Flea Markets In & Around San FranciscoWith no shortage of treasures to be found, flea markets are the perfect spot for shoppers looking to score a bargain. Here are five of the best flea markets near San Francisco.
Best Flea Markets In The North BayWalk through these flea markets in North Bay and be prepared to walk away with a little more than an armful for a lot less than it would normally cost.
Is Bay Area Flea Market Merchandise A Real Steal? A popular Bay Area flea market offers rock-bottom prices for name brands. But where does the merchandise come from?
Best Flea Markets In East BayFlea markets in the East Bay offer up some dandies. Get there early and bring a team of hands with you to help peruse the trinkets. Here's a list of the finest flea markets to choose your weekend deal-finding adventure.
5 Tips For A Successful Garage Sale In San FranciscoSpring is here, which means garage sale season in San Francisco!
Bay Area Bike Vigilante Takes Law Into His Own HandsWith Bay Area police departments stretched thin, many property crimes go unsolved, including hundreds of stolen bicycles, but one man is on a mission to take bikes back from the bad guys and return them to their rightful owners.

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