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Home Air Quality: Are Americans Suffocating Themselves?

The EPA now considers poor indoor air quality to be a top risk to public health.


Children's toys inside a shuttered daycare center. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Researchers Find High Formaldehyde Levels At Bay Area Day Care Centers

UC Berkeley researchers have recorded high levels of the carcinogen formaldehyde at dozens of Northern California day care facilities.


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California Study Finds Toxins In ‘Nontoxic’ Nail Polishes

Some nail polishes commonly found in California salons and advertised as free of a so-called “toxic trio” of chemicals actually have high levels of agents linked to birth defects, according to state chemical regulators.


A customer at a salon has her nails done. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

San Francisco Weighs Program Promoting Chemical-Free Nail Salons

San Francisco supervisors were considering legislation that would encourage residents to go to salons that use chemical-free nail polish.

CBS San Francisco–10/05/2010


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