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California Man’s Tax Refund Garnished Over Parking Ticket For Someone Else’s Car

A California man’s state tax refund was heavily garnished over a parking ticket from a city he’s never been to, for a car he’s never owned.



Mountain View Software Maker Intuit Resumes Processing TurboTax State Returns After Suspension Due To Reports Of Fraud

TurboTax, the country’s most popular do-it-yourself tax preparation software, halted processing state tax returns for about 24 hours because of a spike in fraudulent filings.


Singer Dionne Warwick. (Eva Hambach/AFP/Getty Images)

Singer Warwick Files For Bankruptcy, Owes Millions To Calif. Tax Board

Singer Dionne Warwick claims in a recent bankruptcy filing that she owes nearly $10 million in back taxes and her monthly expenses exceed $20,000.



California Tax Board Looks To Return $14M In Refunds

The state Franchise Tax Board is urging Bay Area residents who may have moved or not updated their addresses to check if the state owes them any income tax refunds.


Singer Dionne Warwick. (Eva Hambach/AFP/Getty Images)

Warwick, Seagal Among Biggest California Tax Cheats

The state’s Franchise Tax Board said singer Dionne Warwick and actor Steven Seagal are among the top 500 people and businesses owing the most in unpaid taxes. The tax board released its list Thursday.



ConsumerWatch: Last-Minute Tax Change Could Mean More For Filers

Just days before the tax-filing deadline, the California Franchise Tax Board dropped its campaign to get California homeowners not to deduct part of their property tax bill.



ConsumerWatch: California Homeowners To Lose Property Tax Break

California homeowners may be surprised to learn that they’re about to lose part of their property tax deductions. The Franchise Tax Board will soon start enforcing a little known law that allows homeowners to deduct only the assessed value of their property.


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Letters Sent To Those Who Didn’t File Tax Returns

The State Franchise Tax Board is trying to hunt down California income earners who didn’t file tax returns last year.


Last Chance to Apply for Homebuyers Tax Credit

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KCBS) _ First-time homebuyers who are looking to take advantage of a state income-tax credit worth up to $10,000 have until August 15 to apply.