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California Peace Prize recipient George Galvis. (California Wellness Foundation)

Community Corner: Former Juvenile Delinquent Receives California Peace Prize

The California Wellness Foundation presented their annual California Peace Prize on October 10, 2013, to some of the state’s unsung heroes who have done tremendous work to promote peace and prevent violence.


An Oakland Police Cruiser.

Judge Approves 2nd Oakland Gang Injunction

A judge has approved a second gang injunction in Oakland—this one in the city’s Fruitvale neighborhood.


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Police: North Oakland Gang Injunction is Working

The controversial topic of gang injunctions was expected to be up for debate again Tuesday before Oakland City Council’s public safety committee.


An Oakland Police patrol car. (CBS)

Appeals Court Upholds Oakland Gang Injunction

A state appeals court has upheld an Alameda County Superior Court judge’s injunction restricting the activities of 15 alleged members of the North Side Oakland gang within a section of the northern part of the city.


An Oakland Police patrol car. (CBS)

Preliminary Injunction Issued Against 5 Alleged Oakland Gang Members

A judge issued a preliminary injunction Friday against five alleged Norteno gang members in Oakland’s Fruitvale district but delayed a ruling on 35 other reputed members.

CBS San Francisco–06/24/2011

An Oakland Police patrol car. (CBS)

Closer Look: Gang Injunctions Over The Years

The legality and the effectiveness of gang injunctions are being tested in Oakland. Around 40 gang members have been named in a proposed injunction that covers the city’s Fruitvale district.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–05/24/2011

An Oakland Police patrol car. (CBS)

Oakland Man Listed In Gang Injunction Arrested During Assault Weapons Sting

Oakland police arrested a man, who was listed in a gang injunction, during a weapons investigation Thursday, police said.

CBS San Francisco–05/21/2011

Oakland police cruisers (CBS)

Oakland City Council Votes To Keep Controversial Gang Injunctions

Oakland officials have agreed to continue supporting the city’s gang injunctions.

CBS San Francisco–05/18/2011

John Russo, Oakland City Attorney

Oakland City Attorney Russo Leaving For Alameda Post

Oakland City Attorney John Russo announced Wednesday that he will leave his post on June 13 to became Alameda’s city manager.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–05/04/2011

Oakland police cruisers (CBS)

Oakland City Attorney Plans To Seek 3rd Gang Injunction

The Oakland City Attorney’s Office, which has filed lawsuits against two gangs in the city, still plans to file a lawsuit against a third gang at some point in the near future, a spokesman said Tuesday.

CBS San Francisco–04/26/2011