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National ‘Dump The Pump Day’ Encourages Commuters To Ditch The Car And Ride Public Transit

Several San Mateo and Santa Clara County leaders are taking public transportation to work and encouraging other commuters to follow suit.


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Bay Area Gas Prices Up By 70 Cents At Some Stations

Are you experiencing sticker shock at the pump? You may have noticed the last few times you’ve gone to fill up at Bay Area gas stations that prices have gone up by at least 70 cents per gallon.


Gas prices hang on a sign at an Arco service station August 8, 2006 in Berkeley, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

State Sues BP, Arco Over Alleged Environmental Violations At Stations

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and district attorneys from seven counties across the state filed suit Monday alleging that BP and Arco have engaged in environmental violations at more than 780 gas stations in the state.


Skimming vessel works to remove oil from surface of water after spill created after explosion on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig, Gulf of Mexico, in April 2010. NOAA photo (AP)

San Francisco Gas Stations Targeted By Protesters On BP Oil Spill Anniversary

Four San Francisco gas stations were targeted by protesters on this the one year anniversary of the BP Gulf oil spill.


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Two Plead Guilty To ID Theft At Bay Area Gas Pumps

Two Los Angeles area men who stole more than $90,000 from nearly 200 people using skimming devices planted inside gas pumps to collect credit and debit card information were sentenced Tuesday.

CBS San Francisco–01/11/2011