A family of geese walks on the grounds of the Rossmoor golf course, April 20, 2015. (CBS)

Geese Population Control At Walnut Creek Golf Course Draws Complaints Over Cruelty To Goslings

An East Bay community’s solution to overpopulation of geese – the forced starvation of young goslings or exposure to predators – is creating bad feelings among many of the residents.


foie gras

SF SPCA Weighs In On Foie Gras Controversy

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett from the SF SPCA weighs in on California’s foie gras controversy as it relates to animal rights and welfare.


foie gras

Some Bay Area Restaurants Offering Foie Gras Despite Ban

At least two restaurants in the Bay Area said they are serving foie gras, despite California’s recently-enacted ban of the delicacy.


A foie gras dish. (Frederic J. Brown)

California’s Foie Gras Ban Gets Legal Challenge

A ban on the sale of foie gras that went into effect in California this week is being challenged in court.


A foie gras dish. (Frederic J. Brown)

SF Restaurant Goers Order Foie Gras As Statewide Ban Looms

A foie gras lunch special at one North Beach restaurant has become a sellout item among San Francisco restaurant goers ahead of a statewide ban on the delicacy that begins on Sunday.


A shot and wounded duck in Newhall Park in Concord. (Photo: Craig Cannon for CBS 5)

Concord Teen Arrested For Duck, Geese Shootings

Concord police have arrested a teen believed to be responsible for shooting and killing at least two dozen waterfowl at Concord parks in the past few months.


Canada goose and gosling sun themselves on lawn (AP)

Lake Merritt Geese Lead To Fowl Complaints In Oakland

Oakland residents have been dropping more and more complaints with the city about what the Lake Merritt geese leave behind. More residents have been crying fowl since improvements around the lake started bringing more people down to the waterfront three years ago.


Canada Geese (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Park Rangers Using Birth Control To Limit Fremont Geese

Rangers in the East Bay Regional Park District are using a form of birth control by dipping clutches of eggs in corn oil to suffocate the embryos and then returning them to the nest so the mother won’t lay more.

CBS San Francisco–04/11/2011