Goats Race Past Berkeley Lab In This Freeze Frame From A Video From David Stein

‘Goats Gone Wild’ Through Berkeley Hills Clear Brush, Reduce Fire Danger, ‘Fertilize’ Hillside

Berkeley Lab’s annual goat herding through the hills above Centennial Drive delayed traffic briefly Friday afternoon, but drivers were treated to an impressive show as hundreds of goats raced across traffic lanes to continue chomping their way through the tinder-dry Berkeley Hills.


A goat feeds on weeds.

Park Service Will Deploy Herd Of Goats To Chomp Invasive Plants At Point Reyes

Officials with Point Reyes National Seashore will begin an experiment next week to reduce the invasive plant species on about 12 acres of national parkland.


Goat Eating

Goats Used To Drive Out Homeless From San Rafael Encampment Plagued By Grass Fires

San Rafael is using goats to help clean out a piece of land plagued by brush fires and homeless campers.


Pink Triangle

Goats To Trim Hillsides Of San Francisco’s Twin Peaks In Prep For Pride Weekend

Four-legged gardeners will assist with weed mitigation this weekend on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks hillside in preparation for Pride Weekend, according to public works officials.


The strangest animal we’ve seen celebrating, but this goat looks good! (Photo Credit: DrBacchus)

Grazing Goats To Help Prune SF Presidio Golf Course’s Bushes, Lawns

A cadre of goats will munch their way through four acres of dense brush at the Presidio Golf Course, allowing native grasses to flourish and making it easier to retrieve errant golf balls.


A goat feeds on weeds.

Beheaded Goat Found In San Francisco’s Mission District

A beheaded goat was found dumped into a gutter in San Francisco’s Mission District on Friday. It is the second beheaded animal found in the neighborhood in the past month.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–08/05/2011

A mountain lion. (usbr.gov)

Mountain Lions Blamed For Dead Goats Found In Half Moon Bay

State fish and game officials believe a mountain lion is responsible for killing several sheep and goats overnight near Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County emergency officials said.

CBS San Francisco–07/26/2011

Cow. (CBS)

Walnut Creek Residents Want The Cows To Moooove Back

Cows that used to graze along the top of a Walnut Creek subdivision ridge have been herded elsewhere, and that has some residents expressing concern about the corresponding increased fire danger.



Good Question: Are Goats Effective In Controlling Brush?

They are hard working animals who help spruce up landscapes all over the Bay Area. In this Good Question: How effective are goats in controlling brush and clearing lots?

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–01/11/2011

A goat feeds on weeds.

Co-Owner Of Dead Orinda Goats Defends Company Practices

The co-owner of an Orinda-based company that provides brush-clearing goats is defending the company’s practices—while also calling the October discovery of 10 dead animals “horrific.”

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–12/08/2010