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Kepler space telescope, NASA, planets

Berkeley Graduate Student Helps Discover Earth-Size Planets Orbiting Relatively Nearby Star

A graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley has discovered a relatively nearby solar system with three planets that are slightly larger than the size of Earth, and one of the planets has temperatures moderate enough to possibly support life.


Kepler space telescope, NASA, planets

NASA Ames Telescope Spots Potentially Life-Friendly Planets

The search for extraterrestrials got some exciting news on Wednesday as scientists have identified hundreds of alien planets, many of which are orbiting in the habitable zone around other stars.


Earth-Like Planet Discovered 20 Light Years Away

Planetary Discovery Suggests Earth Not So Unique

SANTA CRUZ (KCBS) – The discovery of a planet similar to our own after a mere decade of searching through nine star systems suggests the Earth may not be so special after all, said a […]