Good Question: Why Are Colored Dots On San Francisco Storm Drains?There is plenty of unique sights on the streets of San Francisco, but these are right under your feet. In this Good Question: What are those colored dots on San Francisco’s sewer grates?
Good Question: What Makes Our Hair Turn Gray?Some of us fight this event in our lives, while others just let it happen. In this Good Question: What makes our hair turn gray as we age?
Good Question: How Was The Transbay Tube Built?It’s an amazing feat of engineering that many Bay Area commuters rely on, but we’re not talking about the Golden Gate Bridge or Bay Bridge. In this Good Question: How was the Transbay Tube built?
Good Question: Why Are Big League Pitchers Such Poor Hitters?They can frustrate hitters by throwing the ball at more than 90 miles an hour. But when it’s their turn to bat, they fall short. In this Good Question: Why are pitchers in the big leagues such poor hitters?
Good Question: What Happened To The Paraplegic Who Scaled Half Dome?20 years ago, a paraplegic Yosemite National Park ranger and his climbing partner successfully scaled the 4,000 foot face of Half Dome.
Good Question: Why Does SF Have A Police Chief And Sheriff?It’s one of many ways the City by the Bay is unique. Wendy Wang asked this Good Question: Why does San Francisco have both a police chief and a sheriff?
Good Question: What’s That Smell From The Bay Near AT&T Park?Once in a while, you’ll get a whiff of it, and it has nothing to do with the Giants hitting. In this Good Question: What is that smell coming from San Francisco Bay near AT&T Park?
Good Question: How Much Plastic Garbage Is In The Ocean?It washes up on beaches, threatens wildlife and pollutes our oceans. In this Good Question: How much plastic garbage is in the ocean?
Good Question: How And Why Do Cats Purr?If you have one, you know it’s one of the sweetest sounds out there. In this Good Question: How and why do cats purr?
Good Question: What's That Small Building North Of The Golden Gate Bridge?It was built almost 180 years ago to warn ships, now it sits as a reminder. Ellen in San Lorenzo asked this Good Question: What is that small white building on the Marin side below the Golden Gate Bridge?
Good Question: Why Do Seagulls Show Up At The End Of Giants Games?At the ballpark, it’s all about timing. But we’re not talking about the players. Whitney Gould asked this Good Question: How do seagulls know when to show up at AT&T Park at the end of a Giants game?
Good Question: What Is The Average Depth Of San Francisco Bay?With its deep blue and green waters, San Francisco Bay is a favorite destination of tourists and locals. Jeff Arcuri of Foster City asked this Good Question: What is the average depth of San Francisco Bay?

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