Free Preventative Services Insurance Providers Are Required To OfferEvery American with health insurance, including Medicare, is now eligible for many preventive services that previously often required a co-payment, deductible or other out-of-pocket cost.
SF Supervisors Struggle To Solve Long-Term Cost Of Retired City Workers’ Health CareSan Francisco Supervisors' budget committee are brainstorming how to pay for ballooning health care costs for retired city workers. The City's liability is on track to grow to $4.4 billion over the next 30 years.
Janitors Voice Contract Concerns In Streets Of Santa Clara Their contracts expire on April 30 and they are upset about cutbacks in their health care plans.
Striking Nurses Back On Job At Children's Hospital OaklandThe hospital operated at near normal capacity during the walkout, relying on non-union Children's Hospital nurses and about 125 replacement nurses.
San Francisco Health Care Costs Largest In StateTestimony stretched for several hours on Thursday as a San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee considered the cost of health care in the City.
Health Care Remains Sticking Point For Negotiating Nurses In OaklandThe biggest sticking point in the lengthy contract battle is the nurses' own health care plans.
Report Pins Higher Health Care Costs On Prestigious Bay Area HospitalsA review of state records revealed that Bay Area hospitals charged some of the highest rates for medical procedures in California.

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