High salaries

Mark DeSaulnier

State Senator Targets CEO Super Salaries In Proposed Bill

California state senator Mark DeSaulnier, speaking with KPIX 5’s Phil Matier on Sunday, defended a proposed bill which would punish corporations that pay their chief executives more than a hundred times the median wage of their workers.


City Hall in Bell, California. (CBS)

Residents Long Suspected Corruption In Bell

A few would-be whistleblowers suspected for years that the government in this working-class Los Angeles suburb was corrupt and that leaders were secretly paying themselves six-figure salaries.

CBS San Francisco–09/28/2010


Survey: 20 City Managers In California Make More Than $300K

A state survey finds at least 20 city managers in California receive salaries and benefits that total more than $300,000.

CBS San Francisco–09/24/2010

City Hall in Bell, California. (CBS)

Report: Bell Police Chief Eyed Tax-Free Pension

The one-time police chief in the corruption-plagued city of Bell declared himself disabled when he took the job last year in a move that could someday earn him a tax-free state pension worth millions of dollars, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

CBS San Francisco–09/23/2010

Eight people were arrested in connection to the pay scandal in the city of Bell, in Los Angeles County. (CBS)

Prosecutors Say Corruption Ran Deep In Bell

Eight current and former officials of the city of Bell appeared in shackles before judges Wednesday in a corruption case prosecutors said was so ingrained in the blue-collar suburb that almost anyone who could have blown the whistle was benefiting from it.

CBS San Francisco–09/22/2010

Eight people were arrested in connection to the pay scandal in the city of Bell, in Los Angeles County. (CBS)

Eight Arrested In Bell High Salaries Scandal

The mayor and former city manager of Bell were led away in handcuffs Tuesday, charged with six other officials with taking more than $5.5 million from the working-class suburb in a scandal that triggered nationwide outrage and calls for more transparency in government.

CBS San Francisco–09/21/2010


AG: All Local Officials’ High Salaries To Be Reviewed

State Attorney General Jerry Brown says he wants to review the salaries of all local government officials in California who earn more than $300,000 dollars.

CBS San Francisco–09/20/2010