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California High-Speed Rail

Report: California High-Speed Rail Unlikely To Create 1 Million Jobs

Backers of a plan to build a high-speed rail system from Sacramento to San Diego have inflated the number of jobs the project would generate by as many as 50 times, according to a published report.


California High-Speed Rail

Palo Alto Council Wants High-Speed Rail Project ‘Terminated’

The Palo Alto City Council on Monday night approved the wording of the city’s official position on high-speed rail, calling for the project to be “terminated.”


CA high speed rail

Poll: California Voters Would Reject High-Speed Rail In New Vote

If a bond measure to construct a high-speed rail system were put on a California ballot today, the state’s voters would reject it by 59 percent, according to the results of a new Field Poll released Tuesday.


Artist's conception of a California high-speed rail train. (California High-Speed Rail Authority)

Obama Administration Defends California High-Speed Rail

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood strongly defended the federal government’s nearly $4 billion investment in high-speed rail in California.


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Analyst Sees Grim Future For California High-Speed Rail Project

California’s plan for a $98 billion high-speed rail system to connect Northern and Southern California does not comply with some parts of the 2008 ballot measure voters approved to provide the seed money, providing the latest obstacle for the embattled project, according to the state’s legislative analyst.


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Revised Plan Projects California High-Speed Rail Cost To Double

The plan by the California High Speed Rail Authority doubles the overall cost estimate for the project.


CA high speed rail

Report: California High-Speed Rail To Cost $98 Billion

The report estimates the actual cost at $98.5 billion if the route between San Francisco and Anaheim is completed in 2033. But the plan also said the system would be profitable even at the lowest ridership estimates.


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Will High-Speed Rail’s First Stop Be In San Jose Or LA?

It’s shaping up to be a battle between San Jose and L.A. for which city will get the first bullet trains in California, as officials are considering whether to extend the first leg of the rail system to Silicon Valley or Southern California.


Diridon Station at night, San Jose, California, United States, November 2005. (Wikipedia)

Regional Transit Center Plan Unveiled In San Jose

The Diridon train station could someday become the “Grand Central Station” of Silicon Valley, serving as a major hub for CalTrain, BART, light rail and high-speed rail.


San Jose Weighs Downtown Aesthetics Of High-Speed Rail Route

An elevated track or a tunnel? That was the question being tossed around ahead of a Tuesday San Jose City Council meeting about high speed rail plans.