There's No Place Like HomeFaced with terminal illness, some 90 percent of patients prefer to remain in their homes, continuing the routines that make them most comfortable.
What Happens When You Call A Hospice?When a friend or family member inquires about hospice, the first step is to determine whether the patient is ready to set an appointment for an evaluation.
Who Pays For Hospice?All hospices are reimbursed in the same way, so they do not compete on cost. It is the quality of service and spectrum of choices that differentiate one hospice from another.
Learning To Accept The UnacceptablePeople grieve because they have loved. It's that simple. What's more, it is our ability to love that allows us to heal from the despair of grief.
Advance Directives: PricelessThe best gift you can give the people you love is an honest and unflinching discussion about death and end-of-life choices. It's not something you want to talk about or they want to hear. That's what makes it a priceless gift.
VIDEO: Hospice Is Not A Bad WordA veteran talks about his military service, how he felt when his doctor referred him to hospice and what his life is like today.
VIDEO: Everyone Feels Better At HomeAfter a fall, a hospice patient living at home talks about the round-the-clock Intensive Comfort Care she received in order to help her stay out of the hospital and return to her routine.
VIDEO: Help Is A Phone Call AwayLiving at home and remaining independent is possible for these hospice patients thanks to the 24-7 support, clinical expertise and ability to dispatch a member of the hospice team. It’s called Telecare.

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