2nd Child Dies In Fire Linked To Exploding HoverboardA second child has died from a fire in Pennsylvania that fire officials blamed on an exploding hoverboard, a coroner said Thursday.
Toddler Girl Dies, Two Critically Injured In Fire Blamed On HoverboardThe federal government is investigating what may be the first U.S. death linked to a devastating hoverboard fire.
Hoverboard Catches Fire While Charging In Daly City HomeNo one was injured after a hoverboard combusted as it was being charged in a Daly City home earlier this month, police said Thursday.
Hoverboard May Have Sparked San Leandro House FireAlameda County fire officials said a hoverboard was in the area where a two-alarm fire started Saturday afternoon in a two-story San Leandro home.
Hoverboard Explodes Inside Petaluma HomeFirefighters responded after a hoverboard caught fire and exploded in a Petaluma home, sending embers and pieces of the device throughout the residence.
Family Pets Die In Santa Rosa Fire Likely Sparked By Charging HoverboardA house fire that killed two pet dogs was likely sparked by a charging hoverboard, Santa Rosa fire officials said Wednesday.
Airlines Ban Hoverboards Due To Concerns They Can Burst Into FlamesIf you're traveling by air this holiday season, don't pack your hoverboard. Several airlines have issued bans on the popular self-balancing scooters due to concerns they may spontaneously ignite.
Forget The Hoverboard, How About A Hoverbike?Yeah, hoverboards are pretty cool and we all remember them from "Back To The Future 2" but we just saw something even cooler -- the hoverbike.
Famed Skater Tony Hawk Tests Out Los Gatos Company's Innovative HoverboardTony Hawk, the most famous skateboarder to ever ride (probably) took his first go at a new brand of skating: hoverboarding.
Los Gatos Startup Develops Working Hoverboard; Offers Technology For Others To UseA Bay Area company has created what could be the first functioning hoverboard which can float above a surface as someone rides it like a skateboard.
The Outbreak: Viral Videos of The WeekFrom fake yoga pants to fake hoverboards, catch the trending videos infecting the net this week...

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