Intel Corp


Intel Bets Big On ‘Ultrabooks,’ To Launch Biggest Ad Campaign Since ’03

Intel Corp. announced Monday that it is betting big on its “ultrabook” concept with its largest advertising campaign since 2003.



Judge Dismisses Claims In Intel Antitrust Lawsuit

The suit alleges that Intel Corp., based in Santa Clara, paid billions in kickbacks to computer makers so that it could dominate the microprocessor market, and that it retaliated against manufacturers who did business with competitors.


Customers look at a display of iMac computers at an Apple store in San Francisco (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Apple Rolls Out Upgrade For iMac

Apple is upgrading its iMac line of desktop computers with faster processors, higher-resolution cameras and a new type of data port.

CBS San Francisco–05/03/2011


Intel Selling Faulty Chip Again, Citing Demand

Intel Corp. has resumed shipments of a chip with a known flaw. But in order to get it, computer makers must promise not to use it in designs that trigger the serious performance problem.

CBS San Francisco–02/07/2011


Intel Finds Chip Design Error, But Raises Outlook

Intel said Monday it found a design flaw in a recently released computer chip and will discontinue its production. While the flaw will mean lost revenue, the chip maker is raising its overall revenue outlook.

CBS San Francisco–01/31/2011