Jefferson Award winners and co-founder of AIDAAN.org Kelly Porter and Hallie Immroth (credit: CBS)

Jefferson Award Winners Bring Joy Of Music To Hospitalized Children

When Kelly Porter visits Children’s Hospital Oakland, he knows the way to the pediatric floor. And he knows what he is carrying in brightly wrapped bags will make difference for the kids who are facing long treatments ahead.


Target store in Mountain View (AP)

Apple’s New Retail Ambitions Aimed At Target

Apple Inc. reportedly wants to expand its presence at Target retail locations with plans to open up store-within-a-store showcases of its products.


Apple Introduces iPhone 4s (Photo by Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Apple Designer Jonathon Ive Knighted In Britain

Fans of the clean, inviting look of the iPhone, iPad and other blockbuster Apple products are legion, and that includes Queen Elizabeth II.


Nest thermostat

Former Apple Employees Venture Into Home Thermostat Business

What do you get when you mix Apple technology with the home thermostat? How about a new device, called The Nest.


Apple Takes Another Step Towards Total Production Control

Apple is shifting the production of its iPhone and iPad displays to Sharp Corporation marking a big change in the way Apple does business, and one more step towards taking total control of the manufacturing process.


The Verizon version of the Apple iPhone. (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

Apple Stock Hits $413.23, Its Highest Level Ever

Apple Inc. stock reached its highest level ever Monday, hitting $413.23 in intraday trading even as the broader market declined.


handcuffs, arrest, crime

4 Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of Oakland Gardener

Police said the four teens targeted 42-year-old Antonio Torres because they were looking to steal his gold chain and iPod.



Prosecutor Says Man Murdered In Oakland Over Stolen iPod

A prosecutor told jurors in an Alameda County murder trial Monday that defendant Pierre Rushing fatally shot another man outside an East Oakland burger restaurant five months ago because he thought the man had stolen his iPod.



Elementary School In San Jose Goes Hi-Tech

Students at San Antonio Elementary are learning their ABC’s through singing, and also by touching the letters on giant digital white boards at the front of the classroom. Teachers can also write on the boards and transfer images from their desktop computers.


A worker scans for sale the new Apple iPad 2 as it goes on sale at Apple Store. (Photo by: Getty Images)

Apple Results Blow Past Expectations On iPad, iPhone Sales

Apple Inc.’s results trumped expectations for yet another quarter, with iPhone and iPad sales setting new records.

CBS San Francisco–07/19/2011