Juno Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around Jupiter, Begins 20-Month MissionJuno entered orbit around Jupiter to begin its 20-month mission to explore the giant planet.
Giant Asteroid Headed Toward Earth Will Be Visible With BinocularsAn asteroid a third of a mile wide is poised to soar past the Earth on Jan. 26 -- the closest any known space rock this size is expected to fly by until 2027.
Mysterious Sources Of Methane Viewed From Space Makes Central California 2nd Worst 'Hot Spot' In NationA small hot spot in California's Central Valley is likely the second largest concentration of the greenhouse gas methane seen over the United States, according to a new study of satellite data.
NASA Ames Scientist Optimistic That Rover Will Find Martian Life, 'Second Genesis'Now that the robotic explorer Curiosity has landed on Mars, exicted scientists from the NASA Ames research facility at Moffett Field are optimistic about finding Martians or other life forms on the red planet.

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