Analysis: 49ers Must Commit To Running GameIt makes sense for the 49ers offense to make some changes after replacing Alex Smith, this not yet. Colin Kaepernick is a completely different player with a different skill set, but with questions surrounding the passing game, the running game, for now, is still the team’s bread and butter. With a full stable of backs, the coaches need to commit to the run, and worry about the passing game when they get back all their pieces.
Animosity Grows Between 49ers And SeahawksDivision rivals need no reason to dislike each other, and the 49ers and Seahawks have added fuel to the fire. After the teams recent match-up, 49ers head coach Jim Harbuagh questioned some of the play in the Seattle secondary that may have been overly physical, and this resulted in a war of words between the two teams. However, the end result will only help out San Francisco.

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