Jing Hua Wu

Jing Hua Wu

Former Santa Clara Tech Engineer Gets Life Without Parole + 75 Years For Killing 3 Co-Workers

A judge in San Jose Friday sentenced a 52-year-old former engineer to life in prison plus 75 years for killing three co-workers after learning he had been fired in 2008.



Disgruntled Ex-Employee Convicted In 2008 Santa Clara Workplace Killings

A man accused of slaying three managers at a Santa Clara semiconductor firm in 2008 was found guilty Friday of three counts of first-degree murder.



Trial Begins For Accused Shooter In Santa Clara Office Murders

A prosecutor in the trial of a man accused of killing three managers at a Santa Clara semiconductor company in 2008 said Thursday the defendant was resentful about being fired from his $125,000-a-year job and returned a day later to shoot the victims to death.



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