John Yoo

UC Berkeley School of Law professor John Yoo

‘Torture Memo’ Lawsuit Against UC Berkeley Professor Tossed Out

A former senior Department of Justice lawyer who wrote the so-called “torture memos” authorizing harsh treatment of suspected terrorists is protected from lawsuits, according to an appeals court ruling.



About The Bay: San Francisco Republicans Unite

In his travels About the Bay, Mike Sugerman talks to members of the San Francisco Young Republicans, who can’t wait for the state convention they are hosting in August.


UC Berkeley School of Law professor John Yoo

‘Torture Memo’ UC Professor Speaks At Marin Tea Party Rally

John Yoo, the controversial UC Berkeley law professor who gained notoriety for drafting the Bush Administration’s legal argument for using so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques, was among the attendees at Sunday’s Mill Valley Tea Party rally.


Protests Against John Yoo at UC Berkeley

The first day of classes started today at Boalt Hall Law School at U.C. Berkeley and like last year, it started with a protest against a constitutional law professor.