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Add Seasonal Vegetables To Couscous

Narsai David: Couscous Is Making A Comeback

This traditional Moroccan food is starting to find a place on restaurant menus again. A lot of people think couscous is a type of cracked wheat, but it’s really more like a primitive form of pasta.


Garlic (credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)

Narsai David Food Report: Cooking With Garlic

Narsai says garlic has found wider acceptance since the days of when he managed the old Potluck Restaurant in Berkeley where they could only use powder because people would complain about fresh garlic breath.


Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Two Sonoma Wines

Our food and wine experts explores two affordable wines from the Sonoma Valley from Kenwood and Valley of the Moon wineries.


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Narsai David Food And Wine Report: Make Ahead Stew Base & Assyrian Stew

Winter is here so Narsai says it’s the perfect time for a comforting stew. He has an easy make ahead recipe as well as his own delicious recipe for Assyrian stew. Dig in!


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KCBS Food & Wine Report: Attractive Wines At Attractive Prices

This week I have three attractive wines at attractive prices including the Bonterra 2012 Chardonnay from Mendocino County made from organic grapes.


Win A Wine Country Getaway For Two

Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Two Sonoma Wines

KCBS Food & Wine Editor Narsai David encourages us to try two Sonoma wines. He says one their aromas is like when you bite into a fresh green apple.



Narsai David Food Report: Persimmons In Season

Persimmon is a most unusual fruit, but now is the time of year that they’re in season. Besides enjoying them they also happen to have a fascinating history.


Cauliflower (credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Narsai David Food News: Cauliflower As A Versatile Winter Vegetable

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about summer recipes, but now we’re moving into winter vegetables with cauliflower taking the spotlight.


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Narsai David Food News: Hubert Keller’s ‘Souvenirs: Stories & Recipes…’

Hubert Keller’s Souvenirs: Stories & Recipes From My Life, is a charming story of growing up surrounded by wonderful…


Lava Cake (credit: Chow.com)

Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Clever Ideas From Cook’s Country Magazine

KCBS’ Food and Wine Editor Narsai David gets experimental in the kitchen with some ideas from Cook’s Country Magazine.