KCBS Food and Wine Editor Narsai David

Narsai David (CBS)

Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Trione Vineyards & Quivira Wines

Narsai David reviews a Zinfandel and Chardonnay from Sonoma County at very reasonable prices, loaded with fruity aromas that will dance on your palate.


Narsai David (CBS)

Narsai David Food & Wine Reviews: Jekel And Talbot Pinot Noirs

2011 was one of the toughest years in a long time for California’s vintage wine makers, mostly because of the weather conditions, but there are some Pinot Noirs that are worth looking for.


Narsai David (CBS)

Narsai David Recipe: Cherries Jubilee

It’s the height of cherry season and cherries have been delicious this year. Our food and wine expert has a simple recipe that recalls the days and taste of fancy restaurants that used to make cherries jubilee at your table-side .


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Narsai David Food & Wine Report: The Aleppo Pepper

Our food and wine expert tells us about the versatility of the Aleppo pepper and where it fits in on the Scoville chili heat scale.


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Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Charlie’s Mother’s Cloud Biscuits

The strawberries this spring have been absolutely marvelous, perfect for this shortcake recipe.


Fresh asparagus is displayed at a farmers market in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Narsai David Food Report: Asparagus—The True Harbinger Of Spring

Our food and wine editor says now is the time of year to enjoy Delta asparagus, but just be sure to not overcook it.


Lalime's (credit: Lalimes.com)

Narsai David Restaurant Review: Lalime’s

Lalime’s restaurant has been a very important part of the dining scene in Berkeley for the past 27 years, and on a recent visit I found it just keeps on getting better…


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Narsai David Recipe: Not So Secret Barbecue Sauce And Barbecued Beef Ribs

BERKELEY (KCBS) – Although barbecue season doesn’t officially start until after Memorial Day, I suspect we’re going to see an awful lot of barbecuing on Super Bowl Sunday, particularly with the spectacular weather we have […]


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Narsai David Food Reviews: New Food Products

Baked veggies, baked veggie crackers and even veggie puffs prevailed at this year’s Fancy Food Show. Our food expert discovered some new items coming to the market.


Narsai David stands near a rice paddy in Tai Dong, Taiwan. (KCBS)

Narsai David Recipe: Chocolate Decadence

Narsai’s original Chocolate Decadence recipe is easy to make and one of the few desserts that can stand up to a rich port wine, served with raspberry puree.