Larry Magid Tech Report

A Redbox DVD kiosk. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tech Report: Verizon & Redbox Combine For Video Service

Verizon and Redbox, the company whose DVD kiosks are in grocery stores, are teaming up for a service that will combine physical DVD’s with streaming video.


Google Nexus One Smartphone. (CBS)

Tech Report: Android Has An Edge In Battle With iPhone

A research firm is projecting that Google’s Android technology is going to become the platform of choice for smart phone users over the next year.


Online shoe retailer Zappos.

Zappos Cyber Attack Jeopardizes Millions Of Customers Personal Info

The KCBS Technology Analyst offers tips in the aftermath of a hacking that has left 24 million customers’ personal info compromised.



Tech Report: Google+ Integrates With Search Function, Competitors Cry Foul

A new move by Google to boost its search results has angered some of its Google+ users over privacy and has competitors calling it an unfair advantage.


A woman shopping online. (CBS)

Tech Report: Black Friday Is The New Cyber Monday

With all the online shopping and electronics purchases, Black Friday is looking more like Cyber Monday.


Tech Report: Google Pulls The Plug On Buzz

Google is getting ready to press the mute button on its much-maligned Buzz service.


Apple iPad 2

Tech Report: Are PCs A Thing Of The Past?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said that he thinks that personal computers will soon be obsolete, adding that we’re living in a post-PC era.