Lawrence Jones


CA Gay Woman Who Donated $20 To Fundraiser For Indiana Pizzeria That Won’t Cater Same-Sex Marriages Urges ‘Tolerance’

A Southern California gay woman taught a lesson in tolerance to progressives and conservatives alike when she donated $20 to the GoFundMe page for the Indiana Pizzeria that won’t cater same-sex marriages.


Lawrence Jones

Man Who Shot And Killed Fresno Co-Workers Was Unstable

A psychological evaluation shows the ex-convict who shot and killed two of his co-workers at a California chicken-processing plant had been diagnosed with drug-induced behavioral problems.


69-year-old Lawrence Jones of Monterey County is accused in the murder of his ex-wife, 29-year-old Norife Herrera Jones. (Naval Postgraduate School)

Monterey Professor Arrested In Ex-Wife’s Death

A Naval Postgraduate School professor and financial expert has been arrested in connection with the death of his ex-wife, whose body was found last week.