Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Secretive Military Agency Develops Memory-Restoring Brain-Implant With Lawrence Livermore Lab

A device that can be implanted in the brain of patients suffering Alzheimer’s disease or traumatic brain injuries holds the possibility of restoring their memories.


On May 30, Livermore will celebrate the first anniversary of Livermorium Day

Livermore Pays Homage To Element That Put City On The Periodic Table

Livermore, one of six cities an element is named after, will celebrate the first anniversary of Livermorium Day on May 30.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

New Desalinization Method From Livermore Lab Could Help California Through Drought

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Lab have come up with an innovative plan to preserve fresh drinking water during this drought. Scientists have a new way to take the salt out of saltwater.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

Nuclear Fusion Project Takes Key Step In Livermore Lab Test

Scientists in the Bay Area say they’ve taken a key step toward harnessing nuclear fusion as a new way to generate power, an idea that has been pursued for decades.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

Furloughs Possible At Lawrence Livermore Lab If Shutdown Continues

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and other Bay Area-based national research institutions face a nearly total closure this week if the partial federal government shutdown continues.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

High-Security Nuclear Weapons Material Leaves Livermore Lab

Federal officials say Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is no longer home to some high-security, special nuclear weapons materials.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

High-Security Nuclear Materials Removed From Lawrence Livermore Lab

The removal of nuclear material items that required the highest level of security at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s plutonium facility was completed Friday.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

Lawrence Livermore Super Computers Subject To Pilot Energy Tech Program

A new pilot program aims to make some of those powerful computers available to energy businesses of all sizes.


Lawrence Livermore Lab. (CBS)

Lawrence Livermore Lab Missing Cocaine, Amphetamine Samples

awrence Livermore National Laboratory failed to properly track cocaine, amphetamines, opium and black tar heroin that undergoes forensic evidence testing and other uses, leaving personnel unable to determine if the drugs had been misused or misappropriated.

CBS San Francisco–02/17/2011


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