$15 Minimum Wage Would Cost California Taxpayers $3.6 BillionA legislative analysis says raising the minimum wage in California to the highest statewide level in the nation would eventually cost taxpayers an additional $3.6 billion a year.
Enrollment In State’s Food Assistance Program More Than Doubled During Recession Participation in CalFresh, California's food assistance program, more than doubled during the economic downturn according to information coming out of the state legislative analyst’s office.
Facebook Could Bring State Even Bigger Windfall Than ExpectedFacebook has raised its IPO price, which could mean more money coming in from tax receipts to the state.
California Won’t Meet Court Deadline To Reduce Prison OvercrowdingThe state has until June 2013 to reduce its prison population by about 34,000 inmates. Currently the prisons are 80 percent above capacity.
California Budget Analyst Unsure Why Income Rising Among WealthyThe Legislature's nonpartisan analyst is in agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown's administration that personal income is going up for California's wealthy, but they're not sure why.
Experts Urge California Senate To Ignore Criticism Of High-Speed Rail PlanThe state should not change its plan for high speed rail despite concerns raised by the nonpartisan legislative analyst, according to experts who insisted that critics do not understand the nuances of building bullet trains in California.

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