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San Francisco Business Majors Should Keep Their Eye On The Big Picture

Leo Scrivner is the small business owner of Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in the East Bay


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San Francisco Health Care Students Must Develop Clinical Expertise

Susan Penner, DrPH teaches courses in financial management and in program planning, management and evaluation for online and traditional nursing and MPH programs at USF.


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Leadership Courses Give Job Candidates A Competitive Edge

Jill Schlesinger has the top skills that will make you a competitive candidate in a tough job market.



Demand For San Francisco Internet Security Experts Exceeds Supply

Information security spending reached $71 billion last year and is expected to increase dramatically to $86 billion by the end of 2016. As a result, employment across the industry is skyrocketing for people with a variety of technical and non-technical skills.


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Executive Coaching A Great Career For San Francisco Psych Students

Donna Stoneham, Ph.D. is an executive coach, leadership development consultant and facilitator at Positive Impact, LLC and professor for the MBA program at Holy Names University.


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Security Administrator Says San Francisco Students Need Proficiency In One Area

In the San Francisco internet security industry, a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field is highly desirable and oftentimes mandatory, but occasionally, tech professionals go a different direction in college before discovering their niche.


Lab Technician

Medical Technologist Named Best Healthcare Job For 2015

High quality of life and high paying? Jill Schlesinger has more on a career that offers both.


Doctors Seek Higher Fees From Health Insurers

Physician’s Assistant Dubbed Most Promising Career Of 2015

Jill Schlesinger reports on the best job in America for 2015.


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Health Care COO Tells San Francisco Students To Discover Their Passion

Although an advanced degree is essential in many positions within the San Francisco healthcare industry, Scott Korney is an exception.


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San Francisco CEO Advises Tech Students To Gravitate To Great Projects

Bret Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO of San Francisco start-up Quip, was formerly CTO of Facebook and co-creator of Google Maps and Google Maps API.