Linda Bottjer

Photo Credit: California Travel and Tourism Commission

Window Shopping Keeps Body And Budgets In Shape

Window shopping is a long-honored leisure sport. Check out these spots worth ambling through around San Francisco.


Photo Credit: Jack Hollingsworth, SFCVB

Global Staycations Right In San Francisco

Plenty of local places offer the chance for San Francisco staycation with a foreign flair. Happy traveling.


Photo Credit: Stern Grove

People Watching in San Francisco

If you want great entertainment, but a lack of cash has seriously curtailed your desire, just step outside. San Francisco is host to days upon days of free amusement that is legal and comes with a healthy dose of Vitamin D.


Photo Credit: Saori Takahashi

Finding Meals In San Francisco for Under $20

Whether you have two sawbucks, four fins, eighty quarters or just one Hamilton, an entrée with a salad, an appetizer, a drink or a dessert can be had for twenty dollars or less all across San Francisco.