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San Jose Lawmakers Seek To Shut Marijuana Clubs That Don’t Pay Taxes

Three San Jose City Council members plan to propose an ordinance on Wednesday that would give the city the power to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries that skip out on their taxes.


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San Jose Collects Nearly $300,000 From Pot Tax

In a strange twist, the number of police officer layoffs in San Jose may be reduced because of revenue generated by medical marijuana dispensaries.


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San Jose City Council Approves Medical Marijuana Tax

The San Jose City Council Monday voted in favor of implementing a 7 percent tax on medical marijuana facilities approved by a ballot measure voters passed last month.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–12/13/2010

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Luck Runs Out On Proposed Richmond Casino Resort

The future of a proposed $1 billion Indian casino on Richmond’s waterfront was thrown into doubt after last Tuesday’s election, when voters rejected Measure U.


Prop 19 Failure Won’t Stop Growth Of Medical Pot Industry

The demise of Proposition 19 on Tuesday has not solved the problems faced by cities struggling with the growth of the medical marijuana industry.


Pot Warehouse Will Pad Oakland's Coffers

San Jose Proposes Hefty Marijuana Business Tax

As California voters go to the polls next month to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana, voters in San Jose will consider a proposed marijuana business tax.

CBS San Francisco–10/09/2010

Debate Over Proposed Richmond Casino Continues

RICHMOND, Calif. (KCBS) _ The future of a proposed $1 billion hotel-casino resort on the Richmond waterfront could hinge on two statements in an advisory measure.