Miles Scott

Leukemia survivor Miles, 5, dressed as BatKid, runs the bases as part of a Make-A-Wish foundation fulfillment at AT&T Park November 15, 2013 in San Francisco. The Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area foundation turned the city into Gotham City for Miles by creating a day-long event bringing his wish to be BatKid to life. (Photo by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images)

Raw Video: Batkid Gets Key To Gotham At City Hall

5-year-old Miles Scott got a key to the city from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Friday after spending the day fighting crime.



Raw Video: SF Police Chief Suhr Details Batkid Mission Support

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr spoke with reporter Phil Matier about how he and his department will help a young boy fulfill his wish to be Batman for a day.


San Francisco Helps Miles' Wish To Be A Superhero Come True!

Raw Video: The Riddler Arrested Following Action By Batkid As Crowds Cheer

Crowds in San Francisco ‘Gotham City’ cheered Friday as the Riddler was arrested for attempted robbery following swift action by Batkid Friday.


Batkid hugs a damsel in distress after rescuing her from the Hyde St. cable car tracks in San Francisco, November 15, 2013. (CBS)

Raw Video: Batkid Rescues Damsel In Distress In SF Gotham City

5-year-old Batkid for a day Miles Scott rescued a damsel in distress in San Francisco ‘Gotham City’ Friday.


The Batmobile emerges from a San Francisco Union City garage, November 15, 2013. (CBS)

Raw Video: Batkid Begins His SF Gotham City Crime-Fighting Mission

5-year-old Northern California leukemia patient Miles began living out his wish to be Batkid for a day, accompanied by a full-size Batman, in San Francisco Friday.




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