Santa Clara DA Won’t Seek Perjury Charges Against PriestSanta Clara County prosecutors announced Wednesday they will not seek perjury charges against Fr. Jerold Lindner, a Jesuit priest who allegedly lied under oath at the trial of a man accused of attacking Lindner for molesting him more than 30 years ago.
No Retrial In South Bay Priest BeatingSanta Clara County prosecutors Friday officially announced their decision not to re-file misdemeanor charges against William Lynch for beating Fr. Jerold Lindner, who Lynch claims molested him more than three decades ago.
Remaining Charge Dropped In South Bay Priest Assault CaseSanta Clara County prosecutors have decided not to re-file charges against a man acquitted of beating a priest who allegedly molested him more than 30 years ago.
Man Acquitted In S. Bay Priest Beating Wants Clergyman Tried For PerjuryAfter a Santa Clara County jury found him not guilty, William Lynch wants the priest that allegedly molested him as a child to be charged with perjury.
Man 'Grateful' For Jury's Acquittal In Beating Of South Bay Priest Who Allegedly Molested Him A San Francisco man was acquitted Thursday of assaulting a retired South Bay priest who he claimed had molested him decades ago as a boy.

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