Occupy Protests

A Occupy Oakland protester stands in front of the police line as the police block streets near the Oakland City Hall on October 25, 2011. (Kimhiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images)

Oakland Police Officers To Be Disciplined For Occupy Protest Incidents

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said Friday that he wants to discipline 44 of his officers for misconduct in their handling of Occupy Oakland protesters at three major demonstrations in the past year.


A Lenco BearCat LE model. (Lenco Industries, Inc.)

UC Berkeley Cancels Order For Armored Police Vehicle Amid Uproar

The University of California, Berkeley police department has made an about-face on the purchase of an armored vehicle for the campus police department.


'Occupy Cal' protesters on the UC Berkeley campus on November 9, 2011. (CBS)

UC Berkeley Report Blasts Handling Of Occupy Cal Protests

A new report criticizes how campus police responded to Occupy Wall Street protests at the University of California, Berkeley last fall.


Occupy Oakland Calls For General Strike

City Of Oakland Suing Occupy Protester For Damages

Oakland’s City Attorney is suing a 24-year-old man, who is accused of vandalizing a city building during Occupy protests in November.


An Oakland Police Cruiser.

Rash Of Homicides Hit Oakland

Six homicides have been reported in the city since Friday.