Occupy San Francisco

Protesters march from Justin Herman Plaza to Wells Fargo Headquarters in San Francisco's Financial District. (CBS)

Arrests Made As SF Protest Targets Wells Fargo Meeting

Authorities arrested 24 protesters who were part of a group attempting to disrupt the Wells Fargo shareholder meeting in downtown San Francisco Tuesday afternoon.


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Man Arrested In Occupy San Francisco Stabbing

A man was arrested in San Francisco on Thursday morning after returning to the Occupy SF encampment where he allegedly stabbed someone on Sunday, a police spokesman said.


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New Stabbing Near San Francisco Occupy Encampment; 2nd In 2 Days

A 27-year-old man was hospitalized after an argument led to a stabbing near the Occupy SF encampment in San Francisco’s Financial District late Monday night, according to San Francisco police.



Man Stabbed Near San Francisco Occupy Encampment

A man was critically injured in a stabbing near the Occupy SF encampment along San Francisco’s Market Street on Sunday night, police said.


A group of Occupy SF protesters took over the Cathedral Hill Hotel on January 20, 2012. (CBS)

SF Occupy Protests Extend Into Evening, Building Taken Over

Hundreds of protesters clad in rain gear marched through downtown San Francisco Friday evening, one of several events in a day of action. Some protesters entered a vacant building on Cathedral Hill.


'Occupy SF' protesters gather at Market and Drumm streets in San Francisco, October 12, 2011. (CBS)

Occupy Protests Set For San Francisco Financial District

Occupy San Francisco and other groups were planning a daylong protest in the Financial District and elsewhere in the city on Friday, and police Chief Greg Suhr said his department is ready.


Occupy San Francisco Members attempt a retaking of Justin Herman Plaza (CBS)

Occupy San Francisco Calls For Day Of Action Friday

Occupy San Francisco organizers have announced a massive day of action Friday, beginning at 6 a.m. in the city’s financial district.


Occupy San Francisco Members attempt a retaking of Justin Herman Plaza (CBS)

SF Police Leaked Plans For Occupy Raids On Facebook, Twitter

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said he decided new guidelines on how the Police Department uses social media were needed because several officers’ inadvertently tipped off protesters about recent Occupy raids through Facebook and Twitter posts.


Occupy protest sign.  (CBS SF)

Occupy SF Protesters Target Bank Foreclosures In Excelsior

Occupy SF joined forces with other community activists to protest bank foreclosures in the city’s hard-hit Excelsior District.


The Occupy San Francisco encampment at Justin Herman Plaza (CBS)

San Francisco Offers Shelter To Homeless From Occupy Encampment

The police raid on Wednesday that dismantled the Occupy San Francisco encampment was coupled with efforts to get the many homeless people participating in the protest into shelters.