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San Jose State University (San Jose State University)

Students Noticing More Homeless On SJ State’s Campus Since Jungle’s Closure

Ever since the closure of the jungle homeless encampment in San Jose the homeless have been spreading throughout the city including places like San Jose State University.


San Jose State University (San Jose State University)

San Jose State Student Found Dead In Dorm Room

A student was found dead in his dorm room at San Jose State State University, according to school officials.


The campus of San Jose State University (SJSU)

Campus Racism Documented On SJSU Campus 2-Years Ago

Two years before recent hate-crime allegations as San Jose State University, African-American students had reported incidents of racist treatment on campus to administrators in a study that was never published.


The campus of San Jose State University (SJSU)

San Jose State Reverses Plans To Cut Courses, Delays Construction

San Jose State University has reversed plans to eliminate courses in the upcoming spring semester due to budget cuts. While the classes slated for removal are back in the catalog, some building improvements will be delayed.


San Jose State University (San Jose State University)

Locals May Lose Preferential Admission To San Jose State Next Year

High school graduates and community college students from Santa Clara County will have a harder time becoming Spartans if San Jose State University stops giving admissions preference to local students.


A sign marks the entrance to the Clarion Hotel in San Jose (CBS)

Clarion Hotel To House Returning San Jose State Students

The Clarion Hotel has agreed to provide rooms for returning San Jose State University students who cannot be assigned to the dorms because of this year’s large freshman class.