Petaluma River

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Decomposed Body Found In Remote Area In Petaluma

A decomposed body was found on a remote property in Petaluma early Friday morning, police said.


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Petaluma Bike Thief Foiled After Hiding In River

A man was arrested for stealing a locked bicycle from the yard of a home and then hiding in a river in Petaluma on Tuesday night, police said.


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Fisherman Rescued After Getting Stuck In Mud Of Petaluma River Marsh

Officials say a fisherman is OK after his boat became stranded in a marsh near the Petaluma River and he became stuck in mud when he tried to walk ashore.



Project Aims To Cleaning Up Petaluma River

Cleanup efforts are underway on the Petaluma River, as it has been a dumping ground fro abandoned vessels and other debris for years.


Meeting to Determine Oil Spill Cleanup

State wildlife officials have banned fishing along a two-and-a-half mile stretch of the Petaluma River because of an oil spill Monday.


Tug Boat Source of Leak in Petaluma

PETALUMA, Calif. (KCBS) _ Clean-up crews continue to work at the Petaluma River, where a vessel leaked hundreds of gallons of oil and fuel into the waterway Monday morning.