Phone Scam

Scammers Target Santa Cruz County Grandparents With Bogus Distress Phone Calls From GrandkidsThe calls are well rehearsed and dramatically presented in order for the grandparent to react emotionally and immediately.
San Mateo Police Warn Phone Scammers Are Impersonating Officers, Asking For MoneyPhone scammers are impersonating police in San Mateo and telling residents that they owe money on warrants for their arrest, police said Tuesday.
Fake Agents Dupe Taxpayers Out Of $15.5 Million In Largest IRS Phone Scam In HistoryFake IRS agents have targeted more than 366,000 people with harassing phone calls demanding payments and threatening jail time as part of a huge nationwide scam.
Phone Scammers Target Bay Area Small Business Owners By Posing As PG&E Bill CollectorsScammers posing as PG&E bill collectors are targeting small businesses here in the Bay Area.
South City Safeway Clerk Foils IRS Phone Scam, Saves Woman ThousandsAn alert grocery store clerk helped foil a phone scam by stopping a woman before she handed over thousands of dollars to a IRS fake agent.
Fremont Police Warning Residents Of IRS Phone ScamPolice in Fremont were warning residents of a scam that has been ongoing since early 2013.
Petaluma Police Warn Of Phone Scam Claiming Customers Owe PG&EPetaluma police are warning residents about a telephone fraud operation that claims people owe money on their PG&E accounts.
Telephone Scammers Praying On San Mateo ElderlyOfficials in San Mateo are warning residents to beware of telephone scammers who have recently conned elderly victims into wiring money abroad under false pretenses, police said.
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