Prop 19 Failure Won’t Stop Growth Of Medical Pot IndustryThe demise of Proposition 19 on Tuesday has not solved the problems faced by cities struggling with the growth of the medical marijuana industry.
Prop. 19: Pot Legalization Rejected By CaliforniansCalifornia voters said no thanks to a ballot initiative that would have made it the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use and sales.
CBS 5 Poll: Dems Win Senate & Governor Seats, Prop 19 Close Call
Tide Turns Against Prop 19 To Legalize MarijuanaA new poll shows that 49 percent of potential voters oppose Proposition 19 legalize marijuana, with 42 percent supporting the measure.
The Debate Over Proposition 19 Reaches Latin AmericaThe leaders of Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica have all said that Prop 19 would send a contradictory message from the United States.
CBS 5 Poll: Brown & Boxer Lead; Prop. 19 FailingA new KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll released Tuesday showed Democrats Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer leading, while Proposition 19 is no longer favored among likely voters.
Latin American Leaders Question Move To Legalize Marijuana In CaliforniaThe leaders of several Latin American nations on the front lines of the battle against drugs said Tuesday that a California ballot measure to legalize marijuana would send a contradictory message from the United States.
Ex-San Jose Police Chief Appears In Pro Pot Legalization AdThe fight over marijuana in California is finally coming to television with a sober ad starring a former police chief who supports legalizing pot.

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