Public Education

Protesters outside a meeting on the future of City College of San Francisco Wednesday. (KCBS)

SF Protest At Twitter HQ To Focus On Corporate Benefits Vs. Public Needs

A group was gathering in downtown San Francisco Monday afternoon to call for city and state officials to shift support from technology companies and other corporations to students, families and public education.


UC Davis Classroom

California’s Assembly Leader Aims To Slash College Costs

California’s Assembly Speaker John Perez wants to cut college costs by two thirds by cutting corporate tax breaks to raise a billion dollars each year. Perez is introducing his plan in Sacramento Wednesday.



Bay Area Colleges Take Part In Effort To Reclaim Higher Education

A national effort to take back higher education was launched on Tuesday, marking the 57th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education.



Report Sounds Alarm About State’s Teacher Pool

A new report has suggested that California’s budget cuts have taken a severe toll on California’s teachers. Further complicating matters, an upcoming wave of retirements could leave the state short of qualified educators.


Assisting Public School Education

UC Berkeley Asst. Prof. Janelle Scott on a report that finds large urban school districts are falling short in improving education for African American boys. Click to Listen