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Public Relations

Chimneys and a real estate for sale sign remain after a massive fire in a residential neighborhood September 9, 2010 in a San Bruno. (Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

PG&E Public Relations Response Amid Felony Charges In San Bruno Explosion Is To Cut Out Journalists

While PG&E has been claiming it is being accountable for the San Bruno pipeline accident that killed eight people and resulted in federal felony charges being filed against the corporation Monday, the company’s executives have yet to face the media, instead choosing to distribute “video news releases” of edited sound bites for the media to use, in addition to purchasing television advertising.


The new sign at the redesignated Pinnacle National Park. (CBS)

National Park Spurs Soledad To Re-brand Itself ‘Gateway To The Pinnacles’

Soledad has hired a San Jose public relations firm to help re-brand the town as the “Gateway to the Pinnacles.”


CA high speed rail

California High Speed Rail Consultant Fees Questioned

The California High Speed Rail Authority has spent over $12 million in consultant fees since 2009.


Facebook Google

Facebook-Google Rivalry Intensifies With PR Fiasco

Facebook’s attempt to plant stories harshly criticizing Google’s privacy practices has backfired.

CBS San Francisco–05/12/2011