Fantasy Football: Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks To DraftIt's a poorly-kept secret that the Seattle Seahawks don't mind taking a penalty flag or two for pass interference or defensive holding in exchange for five or six no-calls on borderline plays. Supposedly, the NFL will be cracking down on physical play in the defensive backfield. If true-and that's a big if-it could mean even bigger numbers for the quarterbacks.
Daily Madden: Vick To Oakland Talk Is Likely Just Rumors
Daily Madden: Big Hands And Quarterback SuccessSeattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is only 5'11", but part of his success at quarterback may be his unusually large hands.
Raiders Quarterbacks Show Struggles At MinicampThe Oakland Raiders opened their three-day mandatory minicamp on Tuesday with a passing offense that looks far from a finished product: Batted balls. Wounded ducks. Interceptions. Passes into the turf.
Daily Madden: A Bad Week For QuarterbacksThe Steelers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 16-13 in overtime in Pittsburgh Monday night, but lost quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to a shoulder injury in the third quarter.
Fantasy Football: Top 10 NFL QuarterbacksThe keyword is "upside." And these guys have it. Here are the top 10 fantasy football quarterbacks for the 2012 NFL season.
GameDay: The Tebow Trade And Steve YoungNew York fans were stunned at the trade that brought Tim Tebow to the Big Apple. What’s the point when you just extended Mark Sanchez? On the surface, they’re right. It’s a quarterback controversy waiting to happen. The whole thing could blow up in the face of Jets management.
Daily Madden: U.S. Open Tennis, Start Of NFL SeasonJohn Madden talks about the U.S. Open tennis tournament and a few quarterback situations in the NFL.
Since Rodgers, QB Cupboard Bare In BerkeleyIt wasn't entirely a redemptive, feel-good story this week with Aaron Rodgers. With his success, Green Bay's Super Bowl savior also shined a light on the quarterback situation at his alma mater, California.
Raiders Remain Mum On Starting QB Against BroncosOakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller could make his first start of the season this week against Denver. Then again, it could be Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski under center.
Daily Madden: QB Talk, High-Tech StadiumsJohn Madden discusses why the Eagles switched from QB Kevin Kolb to QB Michael Vick. And who should start at quarterback for the Raiders, Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski?

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