Alameda Rapture Predictor Losing Radio Show After StrokeThe weekday Christian radio show hosted by failed apocalypse predictor Harold Camping, who suffered a stroke earlier this month, is being taken off the air.
Rapture Preacher Suffers Stroke At Alameda HomeHarold Camping, 89, was hospitalized after suffering the stroke Thursday night at his Alameda home.
Antioch Drowning Victim Insisted God Was Across ReservoirInvestigators have said a Florida man who drowned in a Antioch reservoir insisted that God was on the other side and tried twice to get across even though he could not swim.
Oakland Minister Offers New Rapture DateThe Bay Area religious radio host who had predicted the world would end on May 21, 2011 said Monday that he was "flabbergasted" when the apocalypse didn't arrive.
3.6 Quake Rattles Nerves In HerculesA 3.6-magnitude earthquake shook Contra Costa County Saturday evening, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Bay Area Apocalypse Believers Awaited End, Skeptics Carried OnThe appointed hour of the Rapture predicted by Harold Camping has come and gone at various spots around the globe and no extraordinary cataclysm has occurred.
Many Bay Area Christians Disagree With Oakland Evangelist's Judgment Day PredictionAn Oakland preacher is standing by his prediction of Judgment Day, but many Christians disagree with his interpretation of the Bible.
Pets Seized From Sonoma Co. Man Planning Pre-Rapture KillingsOn Friday night, animal control officials in Sonoma County seized three animals belonging to a man who planned to euthanize the pets ahead of Saturday’s predicted “Judgment Day.”

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