Red Light Camera

Red light camera on the Millbrae Avenue / Highway 101 off-ramp in Millbrae. (CBS)

Number Of Red Light Camera Tickets Issued At Millbrae Intersection Jumps From 40 Per Month To 600

There’s nothing like a red light camera ticket that makes drivers angry.


Red light camera. (CBS)

California Red Light Camera Critics Say Yellow Lights Change Too Quickly

Critics of California’s red light cameras say drivers are getting way too many citations and are backing a bill that would change the system by extending the length of yellow lights.


A red light camera at an intersection. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Belmont Becomes 3rd Bay Area City To Remove Red Light Cams

Citing high costs for drivers and an increase in traffic accidents, the Belmont City Council voted this week to get rid of the city’s red light cameras. Earlier this year, Redwood City and Hayward have removed their cameras.


A red light camera at an intersection. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Newark Red Light Camera Ticket Dismissed; Technicality May Mean Millions In Refunds

A Bay Area woman who got caught running a red light beat her traffic ticket, and her case could mean thousands of other drivers may also be due refunds.



California Assembly Approves Red-Light Camera Restrictions

The state Assembly has approved restrictions on governments’ use of cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.

CBS San Francisco–08/30/2011


Bay Area Cities May Follow L.A.’s Lead In Abolishing Red Light Cameras

Los Angeles City leaders are getting closer to dissolving their red light camera program which issues $480 dollar tickets to drivers, and this may have other California cities rethinking their own programs.