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Martin Harrison

Record-Setting $8.3M Wrongful Death Settlement In Case Of Santa Rita Jail Beating Includes Sweeping Reforms

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have just settled the largest wrongful death civil rights settlement in California history and it will change the way inmates with addictions are treated in prisons across the country.


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Degree Allowed San Francisco Nurse A ‘Myriad Of Amazing Opportunities’

Joe Harrison, a Bay Area nurse practitioner, has used his extensive education to treat seniors who are suffering from psychiatric conditions, as well as in various roles in political activism.


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Nursing Jobs In The San Francisco Bay Area Are In High Demand

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, demand for nurses and other health care professionals will remain high in the San Francisco Area.


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The Very Best of Everything in 2012

As the end of year nears it is time to take a moment to look back to see what made the top of the best of lists for 2012. Other than the presidential election there have been many other battles this year to score a number one spot in the United States. Companies, writers, public relation experts and cities have all been vying for the golden top spot.


Nurses picket at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, May 1, 2012. (CBS)

Sutter Claims Many Nurses Crossed Picket Line Tuesday

Not only are Sutter Health and it’s nurses’ union at odds over labor issues, but they can’t agree on the numbers of nurses that took part in a one-day strike.